Sluffs insole (Zebra)

SLUFFS are insoles designed to help remove unwanted hard skin on the soles of your feet. The mildly abrasive surface exfoliates hard/rough skin from the areas in contact with the insole. This gives the wearer smoother feet. SLUFFS are worn indoors, whilst carrying out you normal daily routine no need for so many lengthy visits to the beauty salon. The SLUFFS are accompanied by a range of pretty soft slippers to which the insole is inserted. SLUFFS can be purchased in a pack which includes the insole and the slipper, or by themselves.

PLEASE NOTE: Sluffs are temporarily out of stock
Small / Medium (3 - 5.5) £3.99 Pair Out of Stock
Medium / Large (6 - 7.5) £3.99 Pair Out of Stock
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